Independent Utility Advice offers natural gas procurement service to SME, Commercial and industrial facility managers in deregulated natural gas supply markets throughout the UK.

Energy procurement services from Independent Utility Advice can protect your company from rising business energy costs and fluctuating energy prices.

Are you paying more than you should for commercial gas?

At IUA, we appreciate that company directors and owners are busy people. However, there is a need for businesses to still find some time to cut down on their business gas prices, as this will only help with the long term business goals.

Cheap gas rates is a great way to improve the company’s cash flow. Around 60% of businesses have managed to find cheaper business gas suppliers, leaving more money to be put to better use.

It’s only when you start to compare business gas prices with IUA, you soon realise how much you have been overpaying. It only takes a matter of seconds for us to save your company a sizable amount of money. So why not just give it a go?

How you can compare commercial gas rates in these three simple steps:

At IUA, we want to help you compare gas prices without any hassle, by doing all the legwork for you. Our price comparison engine will compile all of the results and deliver them to your screen, in a matter of seconds. Here we outline just how easy this pricess is.

Step One

At first in order to find your business the best tariffs, we’ll need to obtain some information from you. But don’t panic, we don’t need to know your complete history - we just need your postcode and the name of your current supplier.

You can start by requesting a call back here.

Step Two

Once we have received the required information from you, we’ll do all the legwork in the background and get back to you with the best and cheapest commercial gas options. You’ll get the best possible explanation of the deal, before making the ultimate decision.

Step Three

It couldn’t be any easier to switch business gas suppliers. The UK government has put new regulations in place to ensure the process is completed quickly and effectively. At IUA, we ensure that you don’t have to worry about a thing. We’ll take care of all the negotiations between your current and new supplier, so you can spend your valuable time focussing on your business.

Independent Utility Advice's Value

An array of product structures including fixed price, a host of the index or variable rate offers and even “clean” gas offers are available in most markets nationally. Choosing the right product type is a very important element to the process of smart natural gas procurement. It follows that the right product selection back then may not be the right product selection today because market conditions have changed.

The extreme volatility of natural gas contract prices make product type and term selection critical considerations to the process, and by soliciting contract offers for a chosen product type and term from a wide array of suppliers, and ensuring the price offers are made at the same moment, Independent Utility Advice maximizes the chance of pairing an energy user's needs with the most attractive offer available given current market conditions. Contact your Independent Utility Advice representative today to learn how your business can benefit from a smarter way to buy energy.

We endeavour to get you the best price on the market through a range of various suppliers.